Top 10 Tips to make better design for new websites

Website is most important for every business, because website only explore their products or services to entire world. Today’s website design is very easiest process for everyone because many free website builder available in online. But if you would like to make very successful website you must concentrate following tips, this will helps you to make better design for your new website.
tips for better website design

1. Clean Layout

Every successful websites based on perfect layouts it should be simple and elegant, especially homepage Layout design should be attract to all level audience. This will be very helpful for audience hang on your website. Otherwise your website Bounce rate will be increased, so must consider Layout design for every websites.


2. Best Navigation

Navigation is crucial part of website, this will be very helpful for audience visit to all your website pages. Your main navigation should be header area of the website, if you have too many pages you can provide the sub menu in inner pages. Also create sitemap page for you website this will be helpful for audience move faster to your website end level pages.


3. Make Creative Logo

Your website Logo should be easy identify your business or brand, so this will be very creative and unique. Use to create legible fonts and attractive colors based on your website theme design. Many online logo designer available like designmantic, using this tool you can make custom logo for your website.


4. Choose Color

Website colors should be eye catching to every audience, basically website designer choose the colors based on business or products. If your business is corporate level then choose blue based colors, in Entertainment website can choose the mixed dark colors such as Orange, Green and Yellow. Don’t use the background colors in content area, this will be decrease the visibility of the text.


5. Attractive Font

Font is most important for every successful website, you can use banner and header font should be more attractive. Using Google web fonts you can make your website more attractive. Also set proper line height and character space for fonts, this will be helpful for user can easy to read the website content.


6. HTML5 Standard

Today’s HTML 5 is occupied entire web design world. In earlier days website banner animation design using by Adobe flash or Microsoft Silverlight. But after spread out the smart phone this animation slowly going to close down, because most of the mobile devices is not supported these animations. HTML 5 can make interactive animation and supported to all devices.


7. Use Stunning Images

Images speak out to website audience, use high resolution and relevant images in your website banners. Many website homepage banner images explain about their business or products. Also website images balanced your web design and make it more interactive for your users.


8. Make Responsive you page

Web development cutting edge technology is responsive web design, this is website page adoptive to all devices such as Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. This will minimize the development cost for mobile devices website.


9. Make SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization is the most important for promoting their business or products in entire world. Your website should be listed for major search engine results such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. If you would like to get more website traffic you must optimize your website Search engine friendly.


10. Social Network Follows

Apart from SEO, social network is very helpful for promote the products. So every website must create the social network pages in Facebook, Google plus, twitter and many more. After created the pages share your updated news through social network pages, this will be very helpful for your customer easy to get your products updates.


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Jey Ganesh

Jey Ganesh is a Blogger of, Here you can find all about design tips and tricks. You can also engage with designdug via email:

Jey Ganesh

Jey Ganesh is a Blogger of, Here you can find all about design tips and tricks. You can also engage with designdug via email:

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