An Easy and Free Way to Design a Custom Logo with DesignEvo

DesignEvo is a free and user-friendly online logo maker for people that don’t have time and energy to spend with complicated design software creating their own logo from scratch. It comes with a very simple and intuitive interface that anyone can quickly adapt and use it. Even if you’re inexperienced with the computer and know nothing about graphic design, you can still play with DesignEvo like a pro, and create a unique and effective logo in a matter of minutes.
As an excellent logo maker, DesignEvo features with a large collection of graphics resources. Over 3,000 professionally designed pre-made logo templates are provided for free selection. Once you click Make a Logo for a Free button on its homepage, you will be presented with a menu consisting of various logo templates with no hassles. Those templates are classified into different categories, such as Game, Nature, Technology, Fashion, Animal, Food, and much more. No matter what type of business you are running, you will definitely find a suitable one to start your logo designing. Besides, all the templates are editable and customizable. So you can directly use them and make some adjustments as you wish to quickly create a new logo.


Apart from this, DesignEvo packs with a large graphics library, offering millions of high-resolution vector icons. Type some keywords related to your business, a myriad of relevant icons can be instantly filtered out by its smart inbuilt search engine. With simple drag and drop, you can choose a preferred icon and add it to editing canvas in seconds. DesignEvo also lists hundreds of stylish text fonts and word art. With such huge quantities of high-quality resources, creating your very own logo is just like a breeze.


DesignEvo gives you total control over the logo design process by bringing all the tools and features together for you to create a logo. You have limitless abilities to customize logo in any way you want- scale size, add graphics, change fonts, manage layers, adjust effects or whatever. DesignEvo can even generate various logo layouts automatically for you to get a perfect typography. Another feature worth mentioning is that you can preview your logo on some commonly used situations, such as logo printed on the wall, T-shirt, website, book cover, business card, etc.
When you finish the logo, you can get high-resolution logo download for free. The only requirement it asks is that you have to share a link to its website on social media, blog, website or elsewhere to help spread the word. But it is not mandatory, you can ignore it and click Download and Agree on the button directly. After the logo download completes, you will get a zipped file which contains three logos- a logo in JPG, a logo in PNG, and a logo in PNG with transparent background version. So you are able to use your logo for any occasion.


If you’re looking for a fast and simple way to create a high-quality logo, then give DesignEvo a try. You can instantly get a beautiful and cohesive logo that represents your brand perfectly. And the best part of it, it’s totally Free.


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Zella is a Partnership Manager of DesignEvo, he loves to write and create the best and beautiful logo designs.

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Zella is a Partnership Manager of DesignEvo, he loves to write and create the best and beautiful logo designs.

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