5 Design Tips for creating Amazing Wedding Invitations

Every bride dreams for her wedding to be the most vivid, unforgettable, and perfect one. To achieve these goals, it is important to think through every moment, not to miss a single detail. Invitations are one of the crucial pieces of the wedding puzzle because with their help you can prepare guests for the style of the celebration. The wedding invitation is the “face” and the first impression of your wedding. An exquisite and original thing forms a positive impression of the event, leaving the memory for many years.
Even nowadays, in times of computer technologies, wedding invitations remain popular. This article includes the main design tips on how to create an amazing wedding invitation.

1. The design must meet the wedding style

The invitation sets the tone for the entire celebration – taking it in hand, your guest should immediately understand what is waiting for him: a pompous wedding or a friendly party outdoors. If it is planned as a romantic wedding, drowning in pink roses, watercolor printing in light shades suits more than a laconic and strict design. For a rustic wedding, craft paper can be used, and for a luxurious wedding in an exquisite restaurant, invitations must be also luxurious: for example, made in high-printing technique.

A particular style, especially if a couple has a themed wedding or a passion for a particular period or genre, is a good way to add a strong accent to your project invitation.


2. Pay attention to materials

A pledge of a beautiful invitation will be both a stylish design and a high-quality paper. Its choice depends on the method of printing (digital, silkscreen, embossed or hand-painted). In this case, the paper can be either ordinary, dense, or craft, soft, velvet and embossed. Additionally, the invitations can be decorated with silk ribbons, fresh flowers or wax seals. One more cute idea is making the invitations from glass, foil, cut wood or fabric.


3. Be more creative

Despite the fact that the structure of the invitation, regardless of the concept of the wedding is always about the same, just reflect the creativity and the concept of the wedding creating something more original. In addition to classic watercolor stains, you can decorate the invitation with drawings or the photo of the couple. To give the invitation a unique look, consider using a photo as a background. This will also give your invitation a trendy and fresh look: ideally if you prefer not to go into vintage.


4. Do not overcome with design

Be careful with a lot of embellishments and do not pursue the originality: the most important thing in an invitation is the text. If it becomes unreadable because of drawings, watercolors or bright patterns, invitations lose their main function. This also applies to the fashionable typography: some fonts look very beautiful, but it is difficult to read them, so leave them for other details. The font can decorate or destroy your invitation design. Step away from the new, bizarre font style, and choose fonts that are durable and timeless.

The formal classics – Fournier and Caslon – have established themselves in a strong position, and when the couple pulls out their invitations decades later, elegant hand-written fonts such as Allura or Manglayang Script will always look appropriate. Give up grunge, marker fonts that may look cool, but make your design too informal and like a flyer.

Look for the fonts that have different drawing thicknesses – you may like a specific font with the usual thickness, but make sure it is available in italics and greasy styles. Allocating names and addresses in different thicknesses will help to divide the volume text, and make the design more balanced.


5. Emphasize the details

The same theme, executed on various kinds of paper and font, will look completely different. Therefore, pay attention to materials and key design details. For example, before ordering print invitations, specify the density and texture of the paper. The fine print on textured paper will be read with difficulty, and some shades will look differently on matte and glossy paper. In wedding invitations, various kinds of monograms, from the names of the bride and groom, are very appropriate. Monogram can be done by embossing or conveying on the invitation itself. The simple changes in the color of your project change the whole look and feel of your invitation. Color is a great way to add personality and theme to the classic and functional layout. Whenever satisfied with your general layout of invitation, including text, graphics, and border frames, experiment with different color combinations, and consider some of them with the newlyweds to make them feel involved in the process.


All of this deisgn requirement must be meet the valid and experienced designers. If in doubt what design to choose and what colors (fonts, materials) to use, stick to the classics or minimalism. In our overloaded information, time is often turning to minimalism. Perhaps, minimalism is the only trend out of time. This is always true. Classic invitation design will always be stylish, and fit a wide range of events and individual tastes. If only the wedding does not have a strict theme, then the traditional design will always look good, and, if done beautifully, will always be appreciated by the couple and their guests.


Whichever style of the invitation you choose, try to keep in mind what special features the couple has, and what their personal preferences are. Ask them which styles they like (for example, vintage, elegant, modern) and show them some examples to light their interest and give you a better understanding of what they want.


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Mariia Hepalova

Mariia Hepalova is a content writer on DesignContest online portal. She has written for various online publications and blogs. With an equal passion for both design and marketing, she strives to produce content that is informative yet easy to understand.

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Mariia Hepalova

Mariia Hepalova is a content writer on DesignContest online portal. She has written for various online publications and blogs. With an equal passion for both design and marketing, she strives to produce content that is informative yet easy to understand.

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