Design an iPhone Application – 5 Factors That Impact the Cost

We live in an age, where surviving without mobile phones and gadgets is not possible. Today, we are depending on our smartphones, especially the iPhone, for different tasks like shopping, booking tickets, paying bills or staying in touch with our near and dear ones. In the recent times, the mobile apps have revolutionized the way we are doing business. They are considered as the most powerful weapon to drive traffic, boost advertising, sales, and growth of business.
As per the recent study by Harvard Business School, Americans spend more than three hours per day on mobile devices, and last year alone, purchases using mobile devices went up by 18%. So, we can imagine the future of mobile apps as there is no sign of slowing down.

Therefore, it is must for every businessman to adopt a high-end mobile application and expand their business worldwide. Though it would be a great decision for businesses to have an iPhone application as across the world, most of the people prefer an iPhone for performing transactions. However, there are various factors that are affecting the cost of developing an iPhone application, so you can consider these factors in your mind so that you don’t end up developing an expensive app:


Number of Screens

It is a fact the number of screens your iPhone application has, the more design and user experience work is required. Moreover, the number of screens also means that various other ways are also there to navigate the application.

For example, certain screens of the app can be accessed in more than different ways and in the different set of conditions. If the application has more than one way to react to the through the app, it simply means that the more programming time is needed to deliver all the paths that might be taken by the user while accessing the app.

Number of Features & Functionalities

Have you decided the number of features and functionalities that you wanted to have in your iPhone application? The number of features and functionalities also affect the cost of developing an app, so it is important that you note down the features and any special functionality that you want to offer to your customers.

Let’s take one example, if you are looking forward to developing a cab booking application and you want to include features like chat option, ride cost estimating, driving route, map, support communication aspect, etc., these features will surely affect the cost of app development. As these are such features that will need GPS/location aspect, chat/messaging services and more, it can affect the cost.

Apart from these, there is a comprehensive range of features that your app can have like camera/video gallery integration, social logins through Facebook & Gmail, Calendar Integration, location-based services, augmented reality, loyalty programs, different social features like reviews, share, like, and comment.

The more features your application, the more it will cost you to develop. All these mentioned features do not take an equal amount of time to develop, some are more difficult than others. Even, some of the features can be delivered by 3rd party API providers, so there is no need of coding from the scratch and it will save the development time, resulting in saving cost.


Need of Integrating with Enterprise Systems

As we all know that any type of application can either be separate or integrated within an enterprise system. The application that you are developing won’t need any enterprise data, enterprise system or any central business logic, the cost of developing your app will be low and restricted to app development only.

With enterprise integration, the cost of development will be extended to enterprise web services and data access, integration tools, third-party APIs, host system app modifications and more.

Enterprise architects will recommend you about the integration needs for supporting a mobile application and whether your team can support it or not. So, it would be good for you to discuss it with your team and decide.

Content Management System (CMS)

In case, if you have one such application for your business that needs a frequent update of content and need to be managed by you or the admin, you need to go beyond in the backend and develop a content management system.

There are many types of applications like health, eCommerce, knowledge-based or information sharing that need a frequent content update, so it is good to develop a CMS in the backend. It will allow different stakeholders to add content from the backend.

With CMS in the backend, you can easily add/update the product information, categories, pricing details on any eCommerce app. But developing a CMS in the backend will impact the cost of your iPhone application.

Maintenance, Support & Improvements

Once you develop and deploy your application, the cost of development does not end with it. As user feedback is mainly instant and comprises with numerous problems, suggestions and improvement requests.

It is a wonderful idea to recall the development after deployment as well as there is an instant response to negative feedback that may comprise releasing fixes and improvements. It is important to respond to feedback channel so that you can avoid the user attrition because of the poor performance that defeats the business case for
building the app in the first place.

So, these are some of the factors that can affect the cost of developing an iPhone application. While developing an app, you need to consider all these points in your mind that can vary your budget. If you have an iPhone app idea in your mind that you want to convert into reality, you can get in touch with a leading iPhone app development company and discuss your requirements.


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Mohd Sohel

Mohd.Sohel Ather loves to write the gadget related articles, mostly iPhone and iPad and Android related articles.

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Mohd Sohel

Mohd.Sohel Ather loves to write the gadget related articles, mostly iPhone and iPad and Android related articles.

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