GIMP is really Photoshop alternative for Graphic designers?

Everyone very well-known Adobe Photoshop is the king of Graphic design software. Still any other software is not beat Photoshop, why because Photoshop software using everywhere. Most of the people already installed this fantastic software. But some personal users feel this license cost is very high for their usage, so that they are always searching for best Photoshop alternative in open source area.
gimp photoshop alternative software
Some people think about GIMP is the best alternative for Adobe Photoshop, but is this software really best alternative for Photoshop? The answer is not for all features compare with Photoshop, why because latest version of Photoshop CS6 features is very high level compare with GIMP features. Adobe Photoshop always improve top level features, using Photoshop CS6 you can create 3D images and small animations. Digital Graphic designers always not compromise latest version Photoshop features, but if you would like to use best image editor then you can use GIMP because this software is Free of cost for everyone. Moreover GIMP 2.8 version is supports most of the Photoshop features.


GIMP 2.8 Features:

GIMP is best image editor for personal users; using this application everyone can make their photos more attractive with these cool features. Following features same like Photoshop software:


Color Adjustment:

GIMP software Images color adjustment is most closely to Photoshop such as color balance, Hue-Saturation, Brightness-Contrast Adjustment, Threshold, level, Curves and Desaturates. You can also use Invert and Value invert features for photos.
gimp best alternative for photoshop

Brush tool

Using GIMP you can create your own custom brush; this will be very helpful for production image processing work. Also this tool supports like all Photoshop brushes such as Paint brush and Airbrush.



GIMP fully support all Photoshop filters such as Blur, Enhace, Distorts, Light and Shadow, Noise, Edge Detect, Artistic, Decor and many more features. All this filters will be make more attractive for any Photos



In our conclusion GIMP is not best alternative for Photoshop software, we can compare with this software to old version Photoshop, because all this features equivalent only Photoshop 10 version features. Even though GIMP is more closely to Photoshop software with free of cost and GIMP will be maximizing the features in future days.


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Jey Ganesh

Jey Ganesh is a Blogger of, Here you can find all about design tips and tricks. You can also engage with designdug via email:

Jey Ganesh

Jey Ganesh is a Blogger of, Here you can find all about design tips and tricks. You can also engage with designdug via email:

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